Ready To Eat

Published in The Literary Gourmet Revisited, A Canadian Anthology of Poetry & Recipes, 2017 

© Catherine M Thompson


A pair of eyes  

A pair of thighs  

A pair of lips  

A pair of sighs  

Pear-shaped breasts  

Pear-shaped woman  


Warm and curvy  

He wanted to peel  

the clothes from her skin  

as he would pare rind from fruit  

to reveal the flesh within  

white and ripe  

He wanted to bite her soft belly  

Make a sandwich  

of those nether lips  

He wanted to tickle her fancy  

with his fingertips  

He told her these things  

as they were driving along  

She almost veered off the road  

but kept going on  

And with a smile  

stored this memory away  

to be resurrected  

in a poem someday